Filthy Casual – MOD – Tainted Gains

1st strange brew of many.

Hi welcome to my deck list blog. I'm calling it "Filthy Casual" because I'm a budget casual magic player that still manages to do ok. I'll be posting some deck lists that I have brewed up over my few of years playing magic. I like to brew stuff I can afford or trade for or already have. These decks should all be decent enough to play with friends or to take to a FNM and have fun with.

Onto this first deck that I'm calling Tainted Gains. This is the type of bad deck that I love to play. It's synergistic and plays on a theme. It's also modern legal, but I wouldn't expect to take it to any serious modern events.

It's based on the idea of profiting when your opponents gain life and making them gain life.

You profit with the 2 cards Tainted Remedy  and  Kavu Predator.


You want Kavu Predator out as soon as possible. then you want to make your opponent gain life as close to him dealing combat damage as possible too. So hold up your Heroes' Reunion until after blocks are declared, heal your opponent and Kavu Predator becomes a 9/9 trampler. If he was blocked whatever was in the way will most likely be squished. On the flip side if your opponent has a big guy who's going to attack wait until after he attacks then buff Kavu at instant speed before you block and squish. Your opponents are going to try and benefit off of you healing them by using instant speed removal on Kavu after you heal them. You need to attack twice with Kavu Predator to gain any value off of it, the first hit simply removes any of the initial health gained.

Tainted Remedy turns all the downsides of most of your other cards into straight damage. I like having a creature or two out to block before getting this out. Because the effects don't stack I think 3 of these might be the right number to run.

The first hiccup of this deck is Tainted Remedy prevents Kavu Predator from gaining any +1/+1 counters, but if it already has a few counters you might not need to worry about that.

There are a bunch of enabler cards that make your opponent gain life as a drawback to an aggressively costed card. 

Condemn, Nature's Claim, Oust and Devour Flesh are all decent removal with opponent life gain added as a downside. 

Wall of Shards a 1/8 Defender Flying will block for days. The downside is quite nice in this deck too. With Tainted Remedy it's a painful clock. Your opponents don't gain that much life off of it until a few turns in and if they are going to gain too much life off of the wall you can always not pay it's cumulative upkeep and sacrifice it. At 2 mana this is a great card. 

Alms Beast. Now here's a beefy value engine. The text on his card is fun. It gives your opponent's creatures lifelink that it interacts with in combat. Plus a 6/6 will squish a lot of creatures.

Heroes' Reunion is the only card that without tainted remedy out kinda sucks. 7 life is a lot, but healing yourself won't win you games. You know what will win you a game? Tainted Remedy and 3 Heroes' Reunion.

Vizkopa Guildmage. She's a bit mana hungry but her tricks can win you the game. You can give your opponent's creatures lifelink with this. Her second ability is great when you have Heroes' Reunion and 5 mana. If you ever get to 6 mana you can use both of those abilities on the same creature and make your Alms Beast a mega beast when you give it lifelink and deal 6 damage straight to the face.


Now we're to the utility cards.

Alpha Authority if you get this onto a Kavu Predator you almost just win.

Commune With the Gods will find you either of your profit cards and digs 5 deep.

Abzan Charm Draw 2 or exile scary guys at instant speed. We're in the colors, might as well play it.

Languish won't kill the majority of your creatures, will kill a lot of other creatures.



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